Canoe Trip Route E

BWCAW – North South Lake, Steep lake, Eugene, to Fat Fox , and catch rainbow trout on this route.  Beartrack to Gun Lake, to Lac La Croix. You can reverse this canoe trip route by starting at Gun Lake.

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Canoe Trip Route A

A great “loop.” About 35-40 miles total – super 5-7 day fishing trip. You ‘ll experience the beautiful Curtain Falls, and super small mouth bass fishing! Bottle Portage, Iron, Crooked, Roland, Argo and Darky Lakes to Minn Lake and on to Lac La Croix and we’ll pick you up at the Ranger Station. Go to map and details.

Canoe Trip Route B

Is a reverse of Route A, with pick-up at Bottle Portage. Go to map and details.

Canoe Trip Route C

A more difficult river and lakes combination canoe trip. Great walleye lakes. Twin Falls, Tanner Lake, Maligne River and east to Poo Bah Lake, or try it north up the Maligne River to Sturgeon Lake, ideal for basecamp exploring, return to Twin Falls for pick-up. Barbless hooks for superb smallmouth bass and walleye fishing on this canoe route work well. Go to map and details.

Canoe Trip Route D

Indian Village, Snake Falls (whitewater,) Three Mile Lake to Wolseley Lake, onto Wisa-Vie Lake, Thompson Lake to Lac La Croix and paddle back to lodge. For another variation of trip D try our van shuttle service to Wisa Lake landing then onto Woolsey, Bear Pelt Creek, Bear Pelt, Sturgeon, then down the Maligne River and be picked up at beautiful Twin Falls. This is a very quiet and untraveled route.  For a longer version of this route we recommend heading north from Three Mile to the Quetico River, Beaverhouse, Quetico, Conk, Jean, Budside Lakes to Jean Creek, Rouge to Sturgeon Lake, then down the Maligne River for pick-up at Twin Falls. This longer route is a fabulous 10-12 day excursion with time for relaxing, sightseeing and plenty of world class fishing!  Go to map and details.

Canoe Trip Route F

Fly the float plane into Beaverhouse Lake and terminate at Twin Falls.  Go to map and details.

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